Wednesday, January 9, 2013

In addition to the press conference (which was very informative yet revealed to me, as all grown-up social situations invariably do, just how truly inept I am at self-promotion en live. If there’s a How Not To Be A Total Spaz workshop somewhere, please send me the link. I am in desperate need of help in this arena) a friend organized a lunch to introduce me to a well connected, and very well respected, Parisian book packager.

The lunch went well (maybe I’m just better at these things one-on-one?) and I am hoping that as I start to transition from New York to Paris work opportunities will fall into place. Of course, I’m not just sitting around, hoping and praying that jobs land in my lap. Short of looking for actual jobs in Paris, I’m trying to do what I can to create the right conditions by keeping in touch with people, staying on their radars, etc…

The rest of the time in Paris was spent sitting in caf├ęs and talking with friends, being invited to restaurants and peoples’ homes for dinners, walking around, looking at art, peering in windows, eating pastries and doing yoga.

I returned to New York, jetlagged but refreshed. Now, onto 2013!

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